The Hotmart platform is a virtual space where people can find various digital learning materials to promote self-development. It has removed geographic barriers to learning, allowing Brazilians to access a range of resources that may not be available locally. Founded in 2011, Hotmart has helped connect buyers and sellers of digital products for over a decade; however, it wasn’t until the pandemic that the platform really took off. Since then, Hotmart products have been selling like hotcakes! If you’re already using this platform or are interested in doing so, you’re in the right place. Explore the benefits of being a Hotmart affiliate and learn how you can supercharge your advertising with MGID integration.

What Is Hotmart and How Does It Work?

Hotmart connects creators of digital products with potential buyers, allowing both parties to enjoy safe transactions through the platform. For the buyers, this also means opening a greater range of options without going to great lengths to find them. Meanwhile, sellers who use the Hotmart platform gain a wider audience. From product registration to getting money from sales, you can trust this service to be with you every step of the way.

The Hotmart Platform Process from Product Creation to Sales

Products are created before they are added to Hotmart. So, once you get to the platform, it’s assumed that you already have something that you want to sell. Do you want to find out how to make money with Hotmart? Here’s how:

  1. Register your product: Provide the basic details of what you’re selling and its purchase details, including product type, money-back guarantee, payment plan and currency.
  2. Verify your product: Ensure your content doesn’t violate any terms with Hotmart’s product verification — the process should only take around 15 minutes.
  3. Start selling and collecting: Sell your products and receive payment: it’s as simple as that!

Additionally, if you want to help attract more buyers, you can set up a sales page and members’ area on the platform.

Understanding the Hotmart Platform Ecosystem

There are three players that form this ecosystem: creators, affiliates and buyers.

  • Creators: A creator is responsible for providing content on Hotmart. How it works is they upload and structure the details on the platform for the buyers to consume.
  • Buyers: From the marketplace, the buyers select what they want to purchase. They’re free to buy as many products as they want.
  • Affiliates: Technically, Hotmart affiliates don’t need to be a part of the equation. However, affiliates can reach a wider audience than what’s already on the platform. This leaves creators more time to improve their content.

How to Join Hotmart: Creating Your Account

Now that you already have a basic understanding of what goes on at Hotmart, you can create an account. The registration process on the Hotmart platform is pretty simple. Just provide your full name, email address and password, then declare that you want to sell products. Now you’re on your way to learning how to work at Hotmart.

What we love about this is that they ask you a few questions right after you log in. This allows them to better tailor your Hotmart experience. We suggest completing your account profile and entering your personal information after registering. Since you won’t be able to withdraw earnings later on if you don’t provide this information, you might as well do it right away.

What Basic Functions Will You Enjoy on the Hotmart Platform?

As we have mentioned, this platform allows you to buy and sell products. So, even though you have signed up to sell, you will still be able to use the Hotmart to:

  • Buy a product: In the Hotmart Marketplace, you will be able to access and purchase all kinds of content across different categories.
  • Affiliate with an existing product: Want to learn how to become a Hotmart affiliate? Begin the process by applying! This is an especially good idea if what you want to sell complements something that’s already on the platform.

The Hotmart platform opens up many opportunities to you. You never have to choose between creating content, selling as an affiliate or buying products. You can do everything on one platform!

Selling on Hotmart: How to Make Money Using the Platform

Whether you’re a product creator or an affiliate, there’s only one way for you to generate an income: selling your digital product. With the Hotmart platform, sellers can offer a range of digital products. These include:

  • Community access
  • Subscriptions
  • e-Books
  • Online courses
  • Online events
  • Mobile apps
  • Downloadable programs
  • Source codes
  • Audio/Music
  • Downloadable files
  • Audiobooks or podcasts
  • Films/screencasts
  • Images
  • Tickets for in-person events
  • Physical products linked to digital products

If you’re interested in how to sell at Hotmart, just know that you don’t have to stick to courses. They may be the most popular format, but you also have other options at your disposal.

How Much Does Hotmart Charge Per Sale?

Hotmart charges various fees based on the nature of the transaction and any add-on services and capabilities that you have activated for buyers. Using the Hotmart platform may involve these charges:

Intermediation Fee

Fees can vary depending on the product you’re selling or the commission you’re getting. The Hotmart platform charges the following fees:

  • Microtransactions: For commissions or sales less than 10 BRL, you’ll be charged 20%.
  • General transactions: If what you’re getting on the sale is more than 10 BRL, the fee is 9.9% plus 0.50 BRL.

Assuming that you don’t go beyond what the Hotmart platform already provides for free, this should be all that you pay. Also, bear in mind that the percentages are computed before taxes and other charges.

License Fees

Using the Hotmart platform, you can access additional services or features for a fee. The pricing structure depends on the actual feature you use. Right now, the Hotmart platform has two pricing models:

  • Per customer charge: This means that initially, you’re not charged anything. However, you’ll be charged a fixed amount for every sale on top of the Hotmart platform fee.
  • Subscription-based: You pay out of pocket every month, regardless of whether you sell anything.

Some of the features that they offer may be accessed elsewhere. However, this is not always the case, so make decisions that best balance your needs and budget.

Taxes for Your Hotmart Platform Sales

On top of the fees imposed by the platform, you also have to pay taxes. How much you pay will be based on the type of creator or affiliate you are and the country in which your account is registered. Check out the rates below:

  • When selling as an individual, you’re taxed based on your income. This can be anything from 7.50% to 27.50% if you’re registered in Brazil.
  • When selling as a company, products on the Hotmart platform are taxed at 6% to 16.33% for Brazilian users.

The tax rates for a company are lower, but you’ll have to get a CNPJ to be able to qualify. Outside Brazil, Hotmart will follow the tax laws of the relevant country.

Affiliate Hotmart: What Is It?

Hotmart’s affiliate system enables you to generate an income even without creating a product yourself. Many course creators who work with the Hotmart platform are happy to share a part of every sale if it means they reach a wider audience. From what we have seen, some even offer commissions as high as 80%!

If you believe being a Hotmart affiliate is worth it, keep reading. We will walk you through everything you need to know.

Why Learn How to Be a Hotmart Affiliate?

With the e-learning boom in Brazil, there are now a number of platforms to choose from if you want to earn through commissions. These are what we see as the biggest selling points of becoming a Hotmart platform affiliate.

  • Supports various types of products: No matter what appeals to your audience, you’ll be able to present something relevant.
  • Endless capabilities: The developers at Hotmart are always working on how to make the Hotmart platform better for everyone. So, even with as many tools as there are now, expect more in the future.
  • Vast in-platform resources: Hotmart has a plethora of resources to help you figure out what your best move is. The Help Center is even AI-powered!

First Steps as a Hotmart Affiliate: How Do You Get Started?

Are you convinced of the value of becoming an affiliate for a Hotmart product? If you have created an account with Hotmart, you’ve already taken the first step. Then, these will be the next steps to follow:

  1. Complete your registration: You’ll need to provide identification and an address for this step. You can’t be a Hotmart affiliate otherwise.
  2. Select a product: You’ll see all your options in the Affiliate Market. Just select the product you’re interested in.
  3. Start selling: Paid traffic for Hotmart affiliates can be a good choice here, but you can sell however you want.

That’s it! Once you make qualified sales, you should see the money start coming in.

How to Track and Manage Your Sales on the Hotmart Platform

Have you optimized your campaign to generate the greatest number of sales possible? The only way to know that is by looking at the numbers. There are two ways to do this on the Hotmart platform:

  • Go to Sales Management: This is one of the key features of the platform, so we’ll get into more detail about this later. However, if you want to track your performance, this is your best option.
  • Download your sales report: This will have various data, like commissions, fees, sales and more. Once you have downloaded the CSV file on the Hotmart platform, you can use whichever compatible analysis tool you want.

Both of these are important, so don’t just choose one method for managing and monitoring your sales.

Maximizing Your Success on the Hotmart Platform as an Affiliate

There are many paths to success, and you have full control over how you get there. As you’ll see, your success doesn’t just depend on Hotmart. Here are some things that you can do.

  • Keep your audience engaged: If you have a huge following, make sure to keep them engaged. This makes it easier for them to say yes to what you’re selling.
  • Try good old Google Ads: For Hotmart affiliates, Google ads can be very effective in generating sales quickly for an audience that’s already interested in what you’re selling.
  • Maximize the tools available on the Hotmart platform: There are both free and paid options. Test which ones will have the best impact on your bottom line.

What Are the Key Features of the Hotmart Platform?

Hotmart attempts to be a one-platform solution that enables you to do everything from creating a course and advertising your work to processing payments. The Hotmart platform does this by providing a range of features and capabilities, some of which you’d normally have to get from additional software or services. The fees associated with the use of this platform may be higher than the competition, but we believe this is justified considering the totality of the offer. Learn more about the best features of the Hotmart platform below.

Hotmart Marketplace

This is where money is made! We’ve already talked a little about the Hotmart Marketplace, so you already know that this is the place where you’ll see everything that’s sold on Hotmart. This is incredibly user-friendly, allowing buyers to find products that interest them easily. Here, all digital content may be found using these functions:

  • Filtering options: There’s the search bar where you can type a keyword related to what you’re looking for. The results of your Hotmart search may also be further narrowed down by using the options on the left panel of the page.
  • Categories: Just click a category to see all the relevant products there.
  • Best sellers: You’ll also find the most popular content on the homepage.

Affiliate Market

Want to find out how to work with Hotmart best-selling courses creators? You’ll need to have a solid system of generating leads to get them to say yes! But it all starts at the Affiliate Market. You’ll be able to see the maximum commission that you can get for each digital product. In addition, it contains some of the filtering options available on the Hotmart marketplace. However, it has been modified with additional filters to address the concerns of affiliates on the platform and help you find the best-fit products. These include:

  • Type of affiliation;
  • Percent commission;
  • Commissioning rules.

Then, just click the product icon and apply as an affiliate.

Resource Center

Are you having a difficult time figuring out how to sell courses on Hotmart online sales platform as an affiliate? The Resource Center will provide you with a wealth of information to help you succeed. Here’s how you can access it:

  1. Once you have logged into the Hotmart platform, just hover over the question mark icon at the bottom left of the page.
  2. When a panel appears on the left side of the screen, click Help Center.
  3. That’s it! You can now click any of the links to the various resources on the Hotmart platform.

Here, you’ll have four options: Platform Guide, Help Center, YouTube Tutorials and Hotmart Blog. All this information can help you at every step of your journey on the Hotmart platform.

Hotmart Tools

One thing that you’ll love about Hotmart is how customizable it can be, thanks to its in-platform tools. To see all your options in the Hotmart platform, just hover over the cube icon and then click Tools. You’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll see all the tools available. Just to give you an idea of how powerful the Hotmart platform is, here are some of the tools that you’ll be able to access depending on the capacity that you’re working in:

  • Creator: Collaborators Center, Hotmart Credentials, Checkout Builder
  • Co-producer: Tracking Pixel, Exported Reports, Co-Productions
  • Affiliate: Bonus Delivery, Email Marketing, Page Creator

There are some overlaps and so many more tools that you can try!

Sales Management

The Hotmart platform makes it easy for you to see how you’re doing financially. Just hover over the dollar icon on the left part of the screen and click Sales Management to get the full picture. Here, you’ll find an overview of your performance as a Hotmart platform affiliate. Your total sales for the week are displayed. If there are Sales Recovery Opportunities — sales that didn’t push through — you’ll also find them here. There are also access icons for various sales-related items, such as Balance, My Sales, Smart Installments Dashboard, Reports and more.

Hotmart Club

The Hotmart platform also has a product called the Hotmart Club, which allows you access to a virtual space where existing students or subscribers can view all your offers. It also provides you with additional other capabilities, like:

  • Creating communities to further engage students;
  • Allowing students to interact with each other;
  • Creating posts that club members can view;
  • Following conversations within the club;
  • Navigating between classes through an interactive menu.

If you’re working as an affiliate, this product won’t affect you in any way. However, sustaining engagement vastly increases the likelihood of a repurchase where you may possibly get a commission.

Hotmart Analytics

Hotmart Analytics is a crucial feature that can lead to your success on the Hotmart platform. This allows you to get the full picture of how the business is performing, ensuring that you’re always making informed decisions. With this Hotmart platform feature, you’ll be able to:

  • Compare data;
  • See and analyze graphs;
  • View tables.

If you’re using the Hotmart Club, Hotmart Player is already in Beta. This will give you information related to additional features of Hotmart Club, including total engagement, the number of media uploads and more.

MGID’s Integration With the Hotmart Platform via Webhooks

Enjoy better campaign capabilities through MGID’s integration with Hotmart via Webhooks. Advertisers enjoy the following advantages:

  • Want to learn how to make money at Hotmart as a Hotmart affiliate? Go where no one has gone before! We can connect your native ads in 200+ countries.
  • At MGID, we offer up to 3 endpoints for tracking various conversions within the checkout process (e.g., product added to cart, cart abandoned, order placed, etc.).
  • There are many ways to modify your campaign, allowing you to fine-tune it to generate the highest number of sales on the Hotmart platform.

How Do You Integrate MGID With Hotmart

Enjoy all the benefits mentioned plus so much more by getting MGID on board as your ROI-focused partner. Here’s a quick summary on how you can integrate MGID with Hotmart.

  • Configuration: Fill out the campaign setup and budget limits.
  • Webhook setup: Choose Webhook under conversion tracking.
  • Endpoint configuration: Obtain the Webhook URL by choosing the event that you want to add a conversion step to.
  • Data transmission: In the Hotmart platform, choose the product event that you want to track.
  • Confirmation and feedback: Perform a test conversion to verify the integration.

That’s it! Our detailed instructions will show you the specifics if you’re ready to get started.

How to Sell Through Hotmart Online Course Platform? Take Advantage of All Its Capabilities!

Hotmart is designed to help you close sales as easily as possible. There are many resources available within the Hotmart platform, but it’s up to you to utilize them when promoting various products. As you have learned, they offer a great range of options, allowing you to find the affiliate agreements that work best for you.

In the end, it’s not about just understanding how Kiwify or Hotmart works. It’s about doing the work to pick the best products and using the resources available to generate sales. Expand your campaign management capabilities and register on the MGID platform today. Apart from Hotmart platform integration, we also offer tools and expert support to help you succeed.