Do you want to start an online business? Cartpanda is a platform that allows you to sell both physical and digital products, attracting a wide variety of business owners with its level of flexibility. Despite the intense competition in this space, Cartpanda continues to thrive for two reasons:

  • The Brazilian market is the biggest in South America;
  • Cartpanda delivers a superb online shopping experience to buyers.

To help you attain higher levels of success with campaign management capabilities, you can even integrate Cartpanda with MGID. Now, let’s take a look at the opportunities that this platform can bring to your business.

Cartpanda: What is It and How Does It Work?

This platform is an all-in-one solution for anyone who sells online — regardless of the nature of the product. It offers various solutions for payments, shipping, checkout and tracking to create a seamless shop management experience for you from start to finish. If you use Cartpanda to create your online store, this is what your experience will look like more or less:

  1. Decide on your subscription level.
  2. Set up your online store.
  3. Receive and fulfill orders.
  4. Cartpanda gets a percentage of your sales.

However, the specifics may differ considerably, depending on what kind of seller you are. For example, the process is more complicated if you’re also selling outside Brazil than it is if you’re selling locally.

The Different Ways to Sell on Cartpanda

Proving itself as the platform to use for selling on the internet, Cartpanda has designed everything to ensure that all types of sellers find the support they need to succeed. It works with:

  • The international market: With Cartpanda Global, you’ll be able to sell to more than 130 countries;
  • Online stores: Create a professional store in easy-to-follow steps;
  • Shopify integration: If you already have an existing store, you can integrate Cartpanda; Shopify is supported here, so you can link it to the platform’s checkout page;
  • Affiliates: Find products to sell and receive a commission per sale.

As you can see, they’ve got all the selling possibilities covered!

Cartpanda Plans

The platform currently offers five plans, allowing you access to their services regardless of your budget:

  • Basic (Free): Good for setting up your online store or working as an affiliate;
  • Light (4.99 BRL/ month): Created to address basic needs to start a business. 2.50% charge per sale;
  • Starter (127 BRL/month): Made for owners ready to scale. 2% charge per sale;
  • Premium (597 BRL/month): Created to support business growth. 1% charge per sale;
  • Advanced (1,649 BRL/month): For owners who need advanced features. 0.50% charge per sale.

When you sign up, you’re automatically assigned to the Basic plan. You’ll need to verify your email address before you can upgrade.

How to Register with Cartpanda

If you want to give this platform a try, here’s how you can register your account. You can create a Cartpanda account by following these steps:

  1. Click the ‘Create Account’ button: You’ll be redirected to a different page where you’ll continue the registration process.
  2. Fill out the details: Cartpanda will ask for your email address, password and store name. A store URL will automatically be created for you.
  3. Finish the registration process: Review and tick the terms of service checkbox, then click the Register button.

Verifying Your Identity on Cartpanda

Immediately after, the system will ask for your personal and business data. Among other things, they’ll ask you what you’re intending to use the platform for and request you verify your email address. Be ready with your CPF or CNPJ because you’ll need to provide them to Cartpanda.

Once you make it to the dashboard, you’re almost done with the verification process. Since the platform requires you to answer a series of questions right after registration, it already has almost everything that it needs from you. Now, just make sure that all information is accurate. If needed, you can update your information by clicking your account icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and then Manage account.

Exploring Income-Generating Capabilities: What Is Cartpanda Capable of?

Whether you’re an online store owner or an affiliate, selling is the one true way to generate income on any e-commerce platform, but there are many different avenues to explore. With Cartpanda always gearing you up for bigger and bigger successes, there are multiple ways to improve your sales numbers. Within the platform are tools that address potential revenue leaks at different parts of the buying process.

High-Conversion Checkout Strategies

Cartpanda allows you to edit how your checkout page looks without ever taking your site offline, so you never miss out on potential sales. But even when designing the checkout page, you can employ various strategies to improve your conversion rates. You’ll find all your options in the settings page under Conversion Hacks. In editing your checkout page on Cartpanda, you have the choice of activating or deactivating these conversion hacks with just a click of the checkbox.

However, remember that everything on that page can affect the buyer’s decision to push through with the purchase. So, be sure to tweak every element of the page to get the results that you want to achieve.

Hide Bill Payment

With this feature, the buyer won’t see the total until later. What makes this simple change a good way to improve your conversion rates for your Cartpanda online store? Here are a few reasons why you should consider this option:

  • It creates curiosity and makes buyers focused on completing the purchase;
  • It removes the price objection until the decision point when the buyer has already invested in filling out forms;
  • It helps increase the perceived value of the product since they’ve already put in so much effort to get through to the end;
  • It makes it easier to introduce upsells since the buyer isn’t fixed on a price yet.

Enable the WhatsApp Button on the Thank You Page

As a general rule, anything that helps you connect to your potential buyers is a good thing. And so is the case for communicating with customers after their purchase. In your Cartpanda store, you can introduce a WhatsApp button on the Thank You page to buyers immediately after their transaction. This will allow you to:

  • Personalize your interaction with the buyer;
  • Open an avenue for them to communicate with you;
  • Build trust by showing that you’re accessible should you need them;
  • Introduce upsells and cross-sells that the buyer may be interested in.

The ability to improve Cartpanda conversions this way depends on how you use WhatsApp. For example, offering a discount for a survey may get them to buy again.

Activate Automatic Email Suggestion

Just to be clear, this feature isn’t something that happens remotely near a checkout page. However, this capability does help users complete their purchase! If you or your team is handling a lot of emails from prospective buyers, automatic email suggestions can reduce the average time needed to respond to them. For your conversions, this means:

  • Addressing purchase objections quickly;
  • Having them reconsider and completing the transaction;
  • Ensuring buyer satisfaction and encouraging a repurchase.

This feature not only helps users who are close to buying or who just purchased from your store but also increases the customer’s lifetime value.

One-Click Upsells and Order Bumps

These features are available as applications on Cartpanda, which you can access on the Apps page of the dashboard. So, how do each of them help improve income generation? We talk a little bit about them below:

  • One Click Upsell: This offers buyers who just completed a transaction with you a chance to buy again. But this time, they don’t need to type as many things to complete the purchase. One click is all that’s needed!
  • Order Bumps: This is introduced during checkout to further convince the user to buy. Here, you give them a surprise special offer that they’ll only know about before they finalize the purchase.

Essentially, the latter solidifies the decision to buy. Then, the former increases the order value.

Multi-Acquirer Technology in Payment Processing

This technology is based on Cartpanda Pay, which allows you to process transactions through different processors. It ensures you receive your money from orders because:

  • It creates redundancy, so if one acquirer fails, another one will be used in its place automatically.
  • It minimizes your risk since various acquirers have their own anti-fraud detection capabilities.
  • It simplifies payments for buyers so that no matter what method they’re using, the process will practically be the same.

This payment processing capability is offered to verified users only. So, go through verification right away to access this feature.

Cartpanda Pay: Enhancing Payment Acceptance

As previously discussed, there are benefits to using the Cartpanda Pay solution with its ability to enhance both security and user-friendliness. However, the biggest value of Cartpanda Pay is its enhanced payment acceptance.

This feature enables local and global payment processing, which is important for global stores. Because Cartpanda Pay has both processing options, you get the following:

  • Reduced cart abandonment because the buyer will always see a payment option that works for them;
  • Enhanced flexibility because an international buyer won’t be confused with conversion rates;
  • Improved transaction approval rates because another acquirer can process the transaction if the original one fails.

What Are the Key Features of Cartpanda?

This e-commerce platform faces a lot of competition in the booming Brazilian market. Even though there’s no universally perfect solution, Cartpanda has proven itself to be valuable for those looking to set up shop online. As you have seen, its pricing is fair and affordable for owners of small, medium and large online businesses. But what is Cartpanda truly capable of? To gain a better understanding of what made this platform a huge hit, learn more about its key features in the following subsections.

Selling Digital and Physical Products

Cartpanda may be used whether you’re selling digital or physical products or a combination of both. This feature makes the platform a good fit for a wide range of businesses. So, if you’re expanding from a purely physical store or are looking to build your online presence, Cartpanda can be a good solution. But why is it a good thing to choose a platform that accommodates both product types?

  • It provides more flexibility in terms of what you can offer to the market.
  • It improves your market reach because you can address both product types.
  • It lets you sell all products in just one platform, so you don’t have to manage separate stores.

Customizable Checkout Experiences

Head to Admin and choose Checkout to see the many ways that you can modify the checkout page to your liking. Earlier, we discussed the Conversion Hacks as one of your customization options. Cartpanda provides more opportunities to increase conversion rates by enhancing the buyer’s checkout experience while also helping you with your marketing efforts:

  • Ask for consent to get their phone number and/or email address;
  • Change various design elements, like the shape of the text box and text size;
  • Arrange various sections of the checkout page or add new ones;
  • Enable sales notification.

With these possibilities, Cartpanda makes it easy for you to create a seamless buying experience.

Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Support

Even though this platform is based in Brazil and, therefore, has a largely Brazil-based buying market, Cartpanda still allows you to expand globally. Multi-language and multi-currency support makes it easy for international sellers to:

  • Demonstrate commitment to their global market since there was an effort to accommodate non-Brazilian buyers;
  • Improve the user experience for global buyers, as there’s no need to use a browser translator or perform currency conversions;
  • Improve local SEO rankings since the Cartpanda store is also available in the language used in its international market.

All it takes is enabling these functions and configuring the language settings for every language that you add.

Cartpanda App

Do you want to track how your store is doing? With Cartpanda, you don’t need your desktop or laptop to do it. By using their app, you can:

  • Get notifications every time a new order comes in;
  • Check your total sales and compare them with previous months;
  • See the customer details on any particular store order;
  • View orders based on where they are in the process (All, Pending, To Pay, Processing, etc.).

The Cartpanda App is available on both Android and iOS devices. As of now, it still doesn’t have all the features that you can use through a web browser. However, it is regularly updated, and we’re positive it will have more capabilities in the near future.

Yampi vs Cartpanda: How Do They Differ from Each Other?

Both these platforms have been successful in elevating the user experience of Brazilian online shoppers, but which is the better option for you? See the major differences between Cartpanda and Yampi to help you make a decision.

  • Focus of services: Yampi focuses on providing the most comprehensive range of tools for various aspects of marketing. Cartpanda prioritizes user-friendliness and customizability.
  • Pricing structure: With Yampi, you don’t need to pay money upfront to access the basics. There’s a Basic plan with Cartpanda, but it’s not enough for a starter shop owner.
  • Customized rates: Yampi has set pricing plans, but Cartpanda is open to discussing a customized rate with high-earning owners.

MGID’s Integration with Cartpanda via Webhooks

If you have decided that this platform is the perfect fit for you, you’ll be happy to know that it can be made even better. Thanks to MGID’s integration with Cartpanda via webhooks, you can experience improved campaign management and seamless connectivity. Enjoy the following benefits of the integration:

  • Programmatic advertising that uses your data to automatically place your ads on the perfect publisher’s site;
  • Sophisticated analytics capabilities that allow you to gather deeper data insights;
  • Access to a high-intent audience that is ready to buy from you.

Plus, these are all available to you regardless of the Cartpanda fees, as these are features of MGID.

A Quick Look at How to Complete an MGID Integration

Both platforms are incredibly user-friendly, so the process of linking MGID with Cartpanda can be completed in a matter of minutes. Here’s a quick run of the integration process:

  • Webhook setup: Choose Webhook under the conversion tracking of your campaign.
  • Endpoint configuration: Add the event name to be given to the conversion step and copy the URL.
  • Cartpanda configuration: Insert the event you want to be linked to and use the URL for the endpoint.
  • Confirmation and feedback: Test the success of the integration.

To read the step-by-step process, complete with screenshots, you can check out this page.

Maximize the Use of Cartpanda Technology to Grow Your Opportunities to Sell Online

No matter where you are in your journey as a seller, you can trust this platform to provide you with the support you need to get to the next level. This even includes working as an affiliate! Thanks to the tools and capabilities that exist within Cartpanda, even someone with little technical know-how can set up and manage an online store.

And once you’ve integrated MGID, you’ll gain capabilities and enjoy even more success! Maximize your potential as a seller by registering on the MGID platform. Apart from the integration support, you’ll also gain access to tools and resources to help you improve your sales numbers through native advertising.