Open letter to the World Health Organization, the Red Cross ministries of health and all health agencies currently handling COVID-19 awareness measures

COVID-19 is now the biggest global news story of the year. When a global pandemic is sweeping across nations, disinformation can be deadly. Genuine, informed medical advice needs to reach people, without risk of being mired in an online world of conspiracy theory, hearsay, and false information.

Given the current global Coronavirus pandemic, being able to contact communities with vital information is incredibly important. We are offering MGID’s native advertising platform capacities free of charge to ensure that.

Our platform reaches hundreds of millions of people daily, and we are making 30,000+ websites available to disseminating legitimate updates and advice regarding COVID-19.

We encourage local, state and national health organizations to continue their work in providing pandemic mitigation measures and guidance to citizens – our platforms capacity is available free of charge.

With unwavering focus, commitment and support, our team is working around-the-clock to circumvent and eliminate fraudulent or speculative content regarding COVID-19, stymying the dangerous false information that advertising platforms can be susceptible to. We now want to open up our network, providing the unlimited capacity of our native advertising platform to health agencies and organizations, in order to work together in aiding the relief effort.

Please use this opportunity and get needed information to the people who need it most.

If you represent such an organization, and would like to make use of our platform to deliver aid and advice, contact our team at – we want to help.

We also urge the media to assist us in distributing this open letter. It is of outmost importance, that we join forces and deliver vital information to the communities.