The Coronavirus outbreak is having a strong effect on marketing and sales in all verticals. On one hand, the dense cloud of uncertainty and economic recession limit the disposable income consumers are ready to spend. On the other hand, the pandemic outbreak and social distancing change the buying behavior and user motivation.

What marketing actions and moves should be taken by brands, advertisers and affiliate marketers to minimize revenue losses? In this article, we are going to discuss quick-win adaptation measures for your current campaigns and product offerings.

Move away from stagnated niches

As always, certain verticals will go up while others slow to a crawl. Definitely, revenues in the travel niche will go down, as well as entertainment offers that require social interactions. Supply chains may be disrupted in certain regions, so marketing physical products with fast delivery will prove difficult.

To sustain performance in times of crisis, focus on service and edutainment offers relevant to customers under quarantine. These can include (but not limited): OTT video services, online education platforms, gaming products, etc. In your messaging, emphasize these services as an alternative to boring pastime and opportunity loss during the quarantine.

Advertising creatives in times of the pandemic outbreak

During the quarantine, consumers get more anxious and susceptible to panic reactions. This may potentially lead to aggressiveness towards attempts to contain, eradicate and prevent the pandemic evolution. You should avoid irresponsible speculations on public fears about health issues, as this can be accounted for as misleading claims and banned.

Instead of ignoring the Coronavirus subject completely or rising even more pandemic concerns, focus on positive and sustainable ways of getting through these times. Do not forget that many users stay at home and are limited in their usual activities for weeks. You should fit the new needs of your audience. For example, if you work with dating offers, you can advertise online chatting as safe communication during the Coronavirus crisis. Or, if you promote gaming offers, capitalize on this opportunity as one of the entertainment options that remained.

To come up with the worthy ad creatives, step into your buyer persona’s shoes and think about how your users would want to feel or which pains do they have in the current situation. For example, if you are trying to sell financial offers and insurance, you can put the concept of financial prosperity in the context of the Coronavirus outbreak - by using designer face masks and displays of opulence put in today’s reality.


COVID-19 outbreak is having a toll on marketing campaigns, and the faster you can readjust your product portfolio and creatives, the better; your messaging and offers have to be tailored to the users’ current needs. Give your target audience safe alternatives to boring pastime under the quarantine and use today’s context in your creatives (face masks, washing hands, canceled flights, etc.). With the adjusted strategy and creatives, continue to monitor the campaign performance and keep close eyes on what users are clicking right now.