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Lazada: Connecting the SouthEast region to a new shopping experience

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How Lazada used MGID to promote an entire product category for its expansive eCommerce platform.

The challenge

The challenge for this client was to promote not just a specific product, but an entire eCommerce platform or a wide-ranging audience. This targeted audience consisted of both existing and new clients: 18+ men and women who were interested in the online shopping experience in Indonesia. The final challenge was to balance between the low CPC and a high conversion rate.

The solution

MGID implemented a unique promotion targeting Lazada’s direct needs. By dividing the targeted audience into two campaign strategies: existing clients and new clients, we were able to implement specific strategies to the two unique groups.

For those who were existing clients, we created two ad campaigns where we highlighted the main incentives to shopping with Lazada: limited-time flash sales and everyday low prices. This focused on the experiences that an existing client would already be aware of and prompt them to engage again to experience these benefits once more. However, for new clients, the strategy differed.

Still targeting the same audience range, we launched a campaign that led new users to Lazada's homepage, focusing on getting users to sign up and engage with an eCommerce platform they haven’t interacted with before. For both campaign strategies, we used client's images, per Lazada’s agreement, and accompanied these images with catchy headlines in order to incite further engagement with users.


In a 1.5 month period, the ad campaigns resulted in an average CPC of $0.09, with an average purchase sum of $20.

Results by numbers

  • 5.2%
    Conversion Rate
  • $1.7
    AVG eCPA
  • $0.09
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About Lazada

Lazada Group is Southeast Asia’s leading eCommerce platform. With a presence in six countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam; Lazada connects this region through technology, logistics and payments capabilities.


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