We here at MGID decided to acknowledge niches that have been thriving each month by launching the regular rankings of vertical+geo combinations. We hope that it will help marketers pick the right moment to shoot and find higher engagement among the audience. Now, let us find out the highest converting niches of July 2020.

High opportunity verticals and geos

On average, marketers who have focused their efforts on Latin America and Southeast Asia have been able to gain more clicks and higher conversions. This July, the best-performing geos include Chile, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore.

Precisely, CTR rates in Philippines and Singapore increased by 37% and 15%, respectively. In Singapore, the highest converting niches of July were Personal Finance, Events and Attractions, and Medical Health. In the Philippines, they were Business and Investing, Personal Finance, and Healthy Living.

By all measures, the largest gainers in Southeast Asia were the following vertical+geo combinations: Business and Investing in the Philippines and Healthy Living in Indonesia. Business and Investing in the Philippines had by 26% higher CTR and by 57% more clicks compared to June. Healthy Living in Indonesia surged by 23% and 27% in CTR and clicks, respectively.

Latin American geos have increased in terms of clicks and campaign spends, with the same-level conversions on average. Particularly, Peru, Brazil, and Ecuador jumped by 136%, 16% and 54%, respectively.

The best-performing combinations in Latin America were: Business and Investing in Chile, Healthy Living in Brazil, Medical Health in Peru, and Personal Finance in Ecuador. Business and Investing in Chile had by 69% higher conversions and by 85% more clicks compared to June. Medical Health in Peru skyrocketed by 51% and 524% in CTR and clicks, respectively.

Creative approaches that work well

In addition to targeting settings, the performance of a native advertising campaign often hinges upon the creative approaches in use. Based on the data from July, these are creative approaches that increased conversions the most in some high-performing verticals.

For Business and Investing, success stories, precise numbers in the headings and close-up images in creatives worked well. The Healthy Living category brings together a wide range of campaigns promoting products for health, fitness and exercise, nutrition, weight loss and wellness. Considering images for these campaigns, we recommend using real-life images, rather than generic stock images, and adding unusual details, minor defects or unusual angles to grab a user’s attention.

For campaigns in the Medical Health niche, we recommend to clearly show what disease or condition your product is aimed at, otherwise, you will receive clicks with no real conversions. Also, focusing on natural ingredients, eco-life and ease of use in advertising copies have proved to be efficient for this vertical.

The Personal Finance category comprises financial assistance services, insurance, personal investing and retirement planning. Working with these products, it was efficient featuring emotions such as sadness, curiosity, surprise or excitement on the campaign visuals.

The Shopping category brings together couponing, gifts and souvenirs, services and items for kids, whereas Style and Fashion includes beauty and fashion products, personal care. For campaigns in these categories, it also might be useful to spend more time searching for unusual images that do not resemble stock photos. As for creative copies, you should speak directly about the product’s benefits, discounts, etc.

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