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Video Monetization

16 min read
The Ultimate Native Video Advertising Handbook

In the realm of advertising, the allure of video content is undeniable. With its dynamic natur...

13 min read
Native Advertising Trends for 2024: A Retrospective and Forw...

Native advertising has grown significantly, fueled by the phenomenon of banner blindness. User...

2 min read
MGID First Ad Platform to Integrate With Google Web Stories

MGID, the global advertising platform, has announced the integration of Google Web Stories, fo...

8 min read
2020 Was a Rollercoaster, How Can Digital Media Stay on Trac...

It’s no exaggeration to say 2020 has proved a genuine rollercoaster for digital media. While o...

5 min read
Video Advertising Trends to Look for in 2019

If we trace the transformations within video content history we can outline the following mile...

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