Mobile ad unitTo create a mobile ad unit for your website, please, log into your personal Dashboard and add a new widget:

  • Add new widget mw3
  • Choose widget Type 
  • Use default ad layouts (recommended) 
  • mw7to get the code
  • Select a custom combination (from 1 to 3) of ad layouts
Toaster - ad unit fixed to the bottom of the device screen. Appears when the user scrolls up or doesn't interact with the site.
  • Set frequency capping by minutes and impressions

Drag Down - ad unit that appears above the site content when the users scrolls to the very top of the site.

Interstitial - appears as content recommendation when the user clicks N times on the inner website links.

  • Set frequency capping by interactions
  • Name the widget for easy tracking
  • Select the website where the widget will be installed
  • Choose widget title

Paste the code into of all website pages

Please note:

  • do not install more than 1 mobile ad unit per page
  • when multiple ad layouts are selected, only the best performing layout will be displayed for each pageview