The new Safety Ranking system balances the business needs of publishers and advertisers with the needs of consumers.

MGID, the global advertising platform, has launched Creative Safety Rankings across its US network to confirm its commitment to thoughtful, ethical advertising, by ensuring quality ad content that is brand safe and enhances the user experience.

Safety Rankings is designed to provide advertisers with clear objective guidelines to publisher’s expectations as it relates to user experience, allowing for a smooth ad-delivery, while protecting and preserving publisher brand and customer loyalty.

For publishers, the rating system, which has already been successfully implemented across part of MGID’s network, enables offering the best personalized experience for their readers. Paired with MGID’s new pre-moderation dashboard, premium publishers have full control over potential ad content misalignment by determining their safety threshold and filtering appropriate demand types to properly represent the expectations of their users and their brands values.

“We are constantly re-evaluating and enhancing our solutions and processes to ensure our product does not only support ethical advertising, but provides effective and flexible tools to both supply and demand sides to continue improving the ecosystem,” said Michael Korsunsky, CEO, North America at MGID.