As a part of the APAC expansion strategy, MGID has broadened its reach in Vietnam, India and Indonesia. MGID will continue its initiative by focusing on increasing its market share in Thailand, bringing its ad formats, powered by privacy-first contextual targeting technology, to the region.

MGID, the global advertising platform, reported its growth in the APAC region: a monthly audience reach of 72.7 billion impressions in Q1 2022. The most significant increase MGID noted was Thailand, where the company's reach grew by 30% compared to the previous quarter, gaining 35 million unique users and 854.8 million ad impressions.

Since the company's launch in Thailand, MGID has worked with leading brands such as Kia, True, and DTAC and has built a strong network of premium publisher partners, including,,,,, and

"The fast development of the digital industry and the rapid increase in its online budget allocation formed a fruitful environment for MGID ad formats growth," said MGID CEO Sergii Denysenko. He continued, "We will continue investing in this region by extending business development and creative & moderation teams. We aim to provide advertisers with a deep understanding of the local audiences' mindset and innovative ad solutions, guaranteeing the accomplishment of their branding objectives."

The COVID-19 outbreak pushed Thai advertisers to raise their budgets for video format. According to Statista data, the growth of this ad type in Thailand has reached $0.61 bln. MGID has also responded to this trend, by launching outstream video ads.

Along with native and video ads, the company also offers advertisers push notifications, guaranteeing a dedicated single ad format to engage maximum user attention.

All MGID's ads are powered with privacy-first contextual targeting technology. Contextual Intelligence by MGID empowers marketers to reach consumers when they are most ready to purchase by delivering ads aligned with the content on any given webpage. The result is a more relevant user experience, guaranteed brand safety, and improved campaign performance.

MGID intends to continue developing its product by offering clients innovative solutions to achieve their branded and performance objectives.