MGID's recent partnership with Abrams Media will bring native content recommendations across the publisher’s global portfolio on all devices, with the aim to improve the user experience and boost revenues.

Under the deal, Abrams Media – a journalism trailblazer bringing politics, law, media, and lifestyle news to millions of users each month – will leverage MGID’s innovative solutions to serve highly personalized content experiences to readers of Mediate, Law & Crime, and The Mary Sue, on desktop, tablet, and mobile web.

Andrew Eisbrouch, COO & General Counsel of Abrams Media: “At Abrams Media, our readers’ experience is invaluable to us, so we are very pleased to be teaming up with MGID. Its high-performance products will undoubtedly help us to further improve the experience of our readers’ and better monetize our popular sites.”

Michael Korsunsky, CEO of MGID NA, commented: “Abrams Media is a media company that recognizes its audiences as the most valuable asset and puts great focus on rewarding them with positive content experiences. We are delighted to be a part of Abrams Media’s forward-thinking approach to publishing as we come to support with an all-in-one solution to create experiences that match users interests and, at the same time, maximize value for the publisher”.