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13 min read
Green and Sustainable Marketing: How to Reach Eco-Friendly C...

Going green is not only an environmentally responsible choice and a must for many consumers bu...

5 min read
Short- Vs. Long-Form Content: Is There A Winner?

As CEO of a global advertising platform that works closely with publishers, brands and markete...

5 min read
How To Optimize Your Ads To Capture Audience Attention

Brands in the digital space are all vying for a limited resource: user attention. But consider...

7 min read
Ad Tech Trends: Expectations vs. Reality as Told by Memes

As we ring in each new year, there's one thing you can count on: the web fills up with 'Top 20...

8 min read
The Industry Reacts to ISBA’s Latest Programmatic Supply Cha...

It’s been three years since ISBA’s first Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study offered ...

4 min read
Emotion And Context: The Keys To Smarter Ad Spend

The advertising industry is undeniably facing significant challenges. Along with mass job cuts...

6 min read
Open Web v Walled Gardens: Predictions for 2023

This latest article in ExchangeWire's 2023 Predictions series contemplates what the next year ...

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