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9 min read
Ace Back-to-School Season: Essential Tips for Effective Camp...

As summer draws to a close, a new season approaches, signaling students to pack away their bea...

5 min read
FIFA World Cup 2022: How to Reach and Engage Football Fans

Only two months remain before the highly anticipated FIFA World Cup 2022 commences, and more t...

6 min read
How to Target the Right Audience during Ramadan

With Ramadan just around the corner, digital marketing representatives from the world over hav...

1 min read
Holiday Marketing 2021: Strategies for E-commerce

This holiday season will beat all records.

According to Adobe, which has been monitoring onli...

4 min read
Back-to-School Native Advertising: New Consumption Patterns ...

As the economy undergoes significant changes caused by a continuing pandemic, racial injustice...

5 min read
3 Best Valentine's Day Marketing Campaigns of 2020

Brands have started to look beyond love and romance for their Valentine's Day marketing. We an...

5 min read
Black Friday Campaign: Creativity Saves the Day

From the customer's perspective, Black Friday is an enjoyable shopping marathon; it is a great...

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