In 2020, Wordpress continues to be the leading CMS platform with 27+ million live websites built on it. In this short guide, we will explain how to add any of the MGID widgets listed below to your Wordpress site and will showcase two ways of doing this.

There is a number of MGID widgets that can be installed in Wordpress, including:

  • Smart-widget
  • Under Article Widget
  • In-Article Widget
  • Header widget
  • Sidebar Widget
  • Exit Pop-up
  • Headline in a picture widget
  • Mobile site widget

Once you have registered in the MGID system and received your customized widget code from our account managers, you can add it to your site. We will show you the exact procedure step by step.

The first way: use Ads for WP plugin

There are quite a few plugins you can use to manage your ad inventory in Wordpress. From our experience, we recommend Ads for WP plugin.

One of the major benefits of this plugin is its sustainability and simplicity of controls; all you have to do is to follow these steps.

  • Download and install Ads for WP plugin here.
  • After installation, go to the WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on Ads Option, and then - create new Ads.

  • In Ad Type, you have to choose the Custom Code option, and then insert the widget code sent to you in email.
  • Finally, set the placement of the widget (manually or automatically) and select the type of pages for display: AMP or non-AMP. Note that for AMP pages you will need the AMP code.

  • Save the settings and check the widget on your website.

Now, let us show you the second way of adding an MGID widget in Wordpress.

The second way: implement directly into the page source code

  • Go to the WordPress dashboard -> Appearance -> Theme Editor.
  • Choose the page template you want to use from the page-templates section on the right side menu.
  • Go to Developer Console and choose the placement for MGID ads.
  • Once you found the right position, insert the widget code into the source code.

  • Save settings and check how the widget is displayed on your site.

Feel free to contact your account manager in case you need some unique customization of the widget display or encounter any issues.