Dmitri Kazanski

Head of Product for North America

Dmitri Kazanski is our Head of Product for North America, at MGID. He brings a rich leadership background spanning 21+ years in the Ad Technology space. Dmitri's experience touches the entire breadth of the LumaScape including: publisher(s), programmatic media buyers, data providers, and SSP's/exchanges. Grounded in an advanced engineering degree, business degree, Lean Six Sigma, and Agile training, Dmitri has led teams to release groundbreaking products that were considered ahead of their time including: Native in 2005, Dynamic Messaging in 2006, Header Bidding in 2012, Continuous Score Bidding in 2016. He is particularly passionate about applying Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning to resolve the inefficiencies of the ad tech ecosystem.

You can find Dmitri Kazanski on linkedin or twitter

Articles by Dmitri Kazanski

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