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VOH Achieves 143% Traffic Increase in 30 Days With MGID

How MGID’s Internal Recirculation and Contextual Targeting technology helped increase traffic by 143% to the VOH website.

The Challenge

As audiences move increasingly towards content/video platforms, such as TikTok, Facebook Reels and Youtube Shorts, VOH — like many publishers — struggled to acquire and keep users on their website. Being one of the top-tier publishers in Vietnam, VOH’s main objective was to find a solution to keep users on local news platforms and increase user retention.

The Solution

Partnering with MGID to increase user retention and pageviews per session, VOH implemented MGID’s internal recirculation solution. Additionally, with the help of MGID’s Contextual Intelligence, VOH started serving its audiences contextually relevant ads.

Contextual ads are more immersive to the article experience and are proven to positively impact not only the overall user experience but also user engagement with the advertised brand and product category. To combine engaging article content with relevant ads, MGID’s Contextual Intelligence extracts all meaningful content of an article and evaluates its context and sentiment.

MGID’s Internal Recirculation allows publishers to recirculate their own content through MGID’s native ads. Directing users to another engaging, contextually relevant article, this solution directly impacted view time (time on site) and pages read per view (PPV), leading to higher RPMs and increased appeal to users.

The Result

The implementation of the abovementioned solutions quickly led to a significant and robust traffic increase for VOH. Readers were positively impacted by contextual ads aligned with the surrounding content. Also, Internal Recirculation allowed VOH to promote their own articles through MGID content recommendations, drove engagement with the content of their choosing and ultimately increased the average number of pages read per view.

Journalist Cong Vinh states: “We have always been interested in the goal of increasing organic traffic to VOH's website. Using a variety of technologies, I find MGID's Contextual Targeting and Internal Circulation to be very good. MGID analyzed the data using AI to recommend personalized news based on readers' interests and habits, resulting in a better user experience, while increasing website traffic and higher revenue”.

Results by numbers

  • 1,020,676
  • 75,817
    Organic Clicks
  • 0.35%+
  • 143%+
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About VOH

VOH is one of the top-tier publishers in Vietnam and belongs to the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City

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