Dmytro Tolkachov

Chief Copywriter

Dmytro manages the copywriting team to create landing pages and prelanders for MGID’s clients. He is responsible for brainstorming ideas, crafting the content and supervising designers to develop quality webpages. With 6 years of expertise in building prelanders, he is focused on providing brands with authentic and relevant content shaped in numerous native formats.

You can find Dmytro Tolkachov on linkedin

Articles by Dmytro Tolkachov

8 min read
Key Article Formats That Make The Most O...

Articles come in different flavors. When choosing the proper format for a prelander, we have s...

7 min read
Looking To Turbo-Charge Your Conversions...

Have you ever wondered why cold food doesn't tempt you? It's simple: there's less to smell. We...

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