Publisher Requirements

Last updated: July 31, 2020

Websites' requirements

Website Development requirements

  • Make sure that your website has a stable traffic flow of 5000 unique daily visitors.

  • Use the secure HTTPS protocol for your website.

Content requirements

  • The content should be unique. This means that content should be original and not duplicated anywhere else. 

  • There should be no fake news on a website (facts that cannot be checked and have no scientific proof, distorted headlines, potentially unreliable/dubious information).

  • An article must not contain misleading or/and false headline, pictures and videos.

  • The website should not facilitate disturbing, gruesome or disgusting content (bloody sores, open wounds, necrosis, surgeries in process, dead people, animals or corpses, crime scene or accident photos, mutilation, execution videos/pictures, innards, sexual assaults).

  • There should be no illegal content on a website (e.g.: file-storages, websites, software and browser toolbars, which allow improperly downloading, copying, or playing (streaming) audio guides, e-books, anime, games, movies, MP3 ringtones, music, software, TV shows, works by independent artists and performers, recording studios and other content creators. 

  • There should be no adult, sexually provocative content and/or adult categories' names on the website.

Content organization requirements

  • The layout of your website should reflect positive user experience,  meaning  that the page should load fast and be visually stable and interactive (all links should be clickable, navigation should be smooth etc). To evaluate it, you might dwell upon Core Web Vitals score: Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, Cumulative Layout Shift.

  • The website's content value should be reflected in certain posting history which should account for at least 30 articles since the date the website was created.

  • Each website's article should contain at least 500 words.

  • Articles should contain the date when they were posted. The last article should be posted within 7 days before applying. 

  • All website's multimedia must be of high-resolution and appropriate for all regular screen sizes.

  • The photos and videos on the websites cannot be blurred except for the reason to keep a person's confidentiality safe.

  • If a website has social traffic as the main traffic source, the link should be included on the website.

Advertising organization requirements

  • All advertising within a website must not exceed 30% of the page content except for the special formats that are tailored to enhance positive user experience by combining the website inventory and advertising within one unit.

  • All in-article advertising placements must be separated by a minimum of 200 words or 1000 characters to provide a positive user experience. 

  • Any third party advertising within the websites should not contain adult and/or illegal content/product promotion.

  • There should be no intrusive advertising that prevents users from precepting the website's content easily, such as pop-unders or any types of pop-ups with no possibility to easily close them.

MGID widgets requirements

  • If the integration is processed with a simple JS-code, the separate widgets for every website should be used.

  • When using several MGID widgets (including the widgets of the same format), create an individual code for each widget's placement within the page.

  • The website's layout parts, any third party advertising units or any other scripts shouldn't interfere with MGID's widget proper functioning and correct statistics calculation.

  • The MGID's widget should not be placed in the prohibited placements.

Privacy related requirements

  • The website must contain a privacy policy section that clearly discloses any data collection, sharing and usage that takes place on a website. 

  • If the website is placing and reading cookies on your users' browsers to collect information, the cookies consent message should be provided to each user. *for Europe

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