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HSBC Bank: Serving the financial world through unique messaging

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How MGID used unique native format messages to generate relevant leads for HSBC’s credit card services.

The challenge

The challenge for HSBC was to generate relevant leads for their Visa Platinum and Platinum cashback credit cards in Indonesia. While one of the world's largest banking organizations and serving more than 40 million customers, the targeted audience for HSBC’s campaign consisted of young Indonesian men and women and families who sought out a comfortable future.

The solution

MGID managed to engage the targeted audience of young men and women and families by delivering unique native format messages. These messages were designed to reach both a global and local audience—in this case, Indonesians.

The unique messages were created to connect the users' desire for a safe and comfortable future to HSBC’s credit card services. These services could help the user achieve a future in which their greatest desires are fulfilled if only by engaging with the campaign.


During the run of this campaign, MGID was able to hit over 74,00 clicks with an average CPC of $0.06 and a conversion rate of 1.5%.

Results by numbers

  • 74,883
    Total clicks
  • $0.06
  • 1.5%
    Conversion Rate
  • $4
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About HSBC

HSBC is one of the world's largest banking and financial services organizations. They serve more than 40 million customers through four global businesses: Commercial Banking; Retail Banking and Wealth Management; Global Banking and Markets; Global Private Banking.

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