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How Lexus used MGID to promote its new car model and increase the number of test-drive bookings

The challenge

As many of us know, car buying is never an easy decision, and for luxury models, like Lexus, it can be even more difficult to persuade consumers to get behind the wheel. So, Lexus came to us with a challenge: to promote the new Lexus UX car model and increase the number of test-drive bookings.

The solution

By widening the target audience beyond the scope of the typical consumer, we were able to apply two content marketing strategies to increase audience reach.

Approach 1

For the first approach, we analyzed Lexus’ client base and determined that the company’s target audience is 40+ year old men in senior management. For these men, what they value and desire in a car is comfort, style and a vehicle to increase their status.

Taking these values into consideration, our creative team wrote several content articles, which covered topics such as “6 Unusual Routes for a Car Trip in Europe” and “5 Main Reasons, Why I’ve Chosen Lexus UX.” These articles emphasized the advantages that the Lexus UX has according to the target audience’s needs. A call to action was placed to book a test drive and to “experience amazing.” This led directly to the Lexus UX test drive booking page in order to increase engagement.

Approach 2

For the second approach, we determined that another way to increase audience reach was to target a different demographic: married women. Buying a car in the Ukraine is not routine for most families, and such important decisions are usually made during a family meeting or as a family unit. Thus, wives have an integral role in the decision making process.

For this approach, we designed an interactive prelander quiz. This quiz allowed the user to discover what is most important to them when choosing a vehicle to purchase. The results displayed only one criterion: the Lexus UX model. We then implemented the same call to action in the first approach, leading the user directly to the Lexus UX test drive booking page.


The decision to widen the target audience proved to be an effective, high-performing solution. By developing two landing page designs for our split target audience, we were able to increase audience reach and hit a monthly impression of +2 million and +4k clicks.

Results by numbers

  • 2,345,246
    Monthly impressions
  • 0.5%
  • 4,175
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