Digital Marketing Forum 2022

Ngày bắt đầu: lúc 10:00 16 tháng 5 2022 CET  • Ngày kết thúc: lúc 19:00 17 tháng 5 2022 CET
Địa điểm: HOTEL JW MARRIOTT, Bucharest, Romania  • 
Sự kiện trong ngành

The first digital marketing conference in Romania returns in 2022 in a new format, adapted to the current context. The Digital Marketing Forum 2022 event will be opened by a training that will focus more than ever on practical solutions, new ideas and proven solutions and will end with a conference day, with explained strategies, tactics, unique case studies relevant to people marketing companies of all sizes. The visitors can expect 2 days of useful content, presented by some of the best digital marketing specialists in the country.

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