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Native Push Notifications

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Run engaging push notification campaigns to reach more users and higher conversions!

What are native push notifications?

Clickable messages that are sent by an app or a website. They allow to effectively re-engage the users with customized content in real time.

How do they work?

Visitors subscribe to receiving notifications

They see your ad content as often as you choose them to

By clicking on a push, the user is redirected to your website

Why are push notifications a good idea for you?

Deliver your ad message even when a subscriber is not using the website or the app

Keep your customers connected, not annoyed

Deliver relevant and timely messages, hence have stronger conversions

Can be accessed on all devices

Allow easy A/B testing by customizing creative images and ad content

Provide statistics for campaign optimization right away


Push notifications delivered monthly

9 billion

Сountries supported


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