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    Case Studies

    • Case Study #1
      DATING – Anastasiadate.com
      Goal: Expansion of the client's market share in European markets

      Solution: MGID integrated with client’s back-end to enable consistent and sufficient data exchange to make informed optimization decisions. Experienced creative team curated content. Within 30 days several rounds of multivariate optimization were run implementing MGID's Selective Bidding technology.

      The goal was achieved with the CPL of $3.16 and 193 initial sales at $517 on average, the overall estimated ROI (based on Anastasia's LTV) is 21% which is 5-6% better other traffic sources.

      Duration 30 days
      Leads 31,574
      CPL $3.16
      ROI 21%
      GEO 12 European
    • Case Study #2
      Browser Game
      Cost per lead, single opt in
      Goal: Cover the expenses for CPC media buying and generate NET revenue

      Solution: Using SUB-ID traffic source optimization we managed to increase traffic share from the best performing sources.

      As a result, the client received 45,137 high quality leads and the NET profit reached $12,612.

      Time frame 3 months
      GEO US, UK, CA, AU
      CPL $3.21
      Funds spent $144,952
      Revenue generated $157,564
      Conversion Rate 3.6%
    • Case Study #3
      Goal: Lead generation

      Solution: Using Device, Browser and OS targeting, the account manager shaped efficient audience segment to fit the campaign perfectly. The creatives were served through MGID’s mobile specific widgets across multiple hand-picked premium publishers. The final step was ongoing optimization using MGID’ Selective Bidding.

      The campaign’s performance was significantly improved, the campaign brought 698 leads at CPL lower than market average.

      GEO US, UK, CA, AU
      Device Mobile
      CPL $18.98
      Funds spent $13,250
      Revenue generated $17,450
      Conversion Rate 0.3%
    • Case Study #4
      Weight loss
      Goal: Lead generation

      The products promoted in the offer are targeted at the Dutch-speaking market so MGID account manager has developed a promotion strategy including Dutch traffic sources and trusted international websites with a big share of Dutch traffic which allowed to significantly expand audience.

      With the CPL of $11 MGID outperformed the client’s CPA goal of $15 and the client began to aggressively scale the campaign, driving more high-quality conversions.

      Spent $8,199.65
      Clicks 62,089
      Av. bid $0.15
      Leads 638
      CPL $11
      Targeting Netherlands
      Targeting desktop
    • Case Study #5
      Desktop games
      Goal: Generate high quality leads and brand awareness

      The accent in this campaign was placed on relevant creatives that draw attention to in-game actions and look like trailers of the game content. Another important point was setting up proper tracking going far beyond just registration to monitor and optimize against retention, engagement, and revenue.

      The main optimization tool used was MGID’s selective bidding, which provides full control over the proportions of traffic from various publishers and leverages efficient traffic source management at the campaign level.

      Spent $20,861
      Clicks 90,027
      Av. bid $0.25
      Leads 4,158
      CPL $5
      Targeting NeCA, UK, US, AU
      Targeting all
    • Case Study #6
      Gambling (bingo)
      Goal: Promote brand new iOS Bingo app. Generate leads and brand awareness

      As MGID’s traffic supply is around 35% mobile it was a good fit for the campaign. The campaign was set up to the USA and iOS mobile and tablet devices.

      High competition in gambling advertising stimulates aggressive and annoying advertising techniques which at the same time increases banner blindness and decreases effectiveness. In these circumstances native advertising is more efficient in building customer loyalty.

      After analysing the test campaign and optimising it for efficiency with MGID’s selective bidding, the campaign’s performance was significantly improved and the CPL became lower than market average.

      Spent $4,422.53
      Clicks 26,804
      Av. bid 6.5 cents
      Conversions 1,174
      CPA $3.77
      Targeting USA
      Targeting ios

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