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Brand messages to targeted and engaged audiences through symbiotic native placements

Start with $500
Ongoing campaign optimization
A/B widgets test system
Works on any device
Self-service or managed
Real-time reporting
18 000+ direct publishers
Brand-safe sponsored messaging
Free сreative services
Native Push Notifications
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What are native ads?
Native ads are integrated into the visitor's natural activity stream. You can expect higher performance as visitors feel completely comfortable with non-intrusive ads.
What are the benefits of native advertising?

According to the Digital News Report 2015 (based on a research on native advertising) employing native ad technologies is the best way to promote your business, increase traffic and generate leads, attracting clients with high level of engagement.

*Consumers pay attention to native ads 52% more frequently than banner ads

*Native advertising generates 85-93% more clicks than banner ads

*Purchase intent is 53% higher with native ads

*Native advertising can increase brand lift by as much as 82 percent.

*32% of consumers said they would share a native ad with friends and family vs 19% for banner ads

*70% of individuals want to learn about products through content rather than through traditional advertising.

*30% of online users in both the USA and UK say they find traditional banner advertising distracting and will actively avoid sites where they interfere with the content.

Which advertising model does MGID use and what are its benefits?
MGID native advertising network works on CPC model, the most effecient and economically feasible model of online promotion. With tools to transparently and efficiently manage the sources to get traffic from MGID has all the opportunities for conversions management and conversion tracking which makes the cost of a conversion or lead lower than that of CPI-model. Is there a minimum cost per click (CPC) bid?
Is there a minimum cost per click (CPC) bid?
The minimum cost per click is $0.05. However, the cost of online advertising can vary a lot depending on the niche and GEO. Consult our rep for exact quote.
What is the minimum budget of MGID advertisement?
The minimum budget to start driving targeted traffic to your website is just $100.
What are my payment options?

You can pay for ads using one of our accepted currencies with one of the following:





What types of ad creatives are available?

An image with a title and an advertising text.

Title length: maximum 65 characters.

Advertising Text length: maximum 70 characters. With only $500 of initial budget MGID's designers will prepare amazing creatives for free. You can also use your own creatives as desired.

What are the requirements for images?
The image size should be no less than 492x328. Other requirements for creatives you can get from your account manager.
Where will my ads appear?
Your ads will appear on content sites within MGID network. Smart behavioral targeting allows us to serve an ad right at the moment the user is ready to consume the information, showing visitors only the ads that interest them, and thus generating more revenue from advertising without disruption.You attract visitors and increase leads only due to high targeted traffic and as a result - you get not just traffic but potential customers interested in your offer.
How do I optimize my campaigns?

Campaigns can be optimized by publisher, by creative, by GEO, by device or by any other segmentation to buy quality traffic which works best. MGID's Selective Bidding technology is a campaign management tool in MGID dashboard, that lets the marketer to focuse on the best sources of traffic keeping the reach while securing high ROI.

Remember that effective promotion is math, measurement and good judgment. If you have difficulty with optimization strategy, you can always rely on our team of experts and let them manage and execute your campaigns to achieve your goals.

What is Selective Bidding?
Selective Bidding is a tool MGID launched for advertisers that allows advertisers to target specific websites within the MGID network and generate more traffic with better-performing websites, while keeping the other sites at a lower bid.
How long does it take to learn your ad management tool before running advertising?
Our advertising dashboard has intuitive and user-friendly interface so anyone can start buying web traffic in minutes. If you don't want to manage your advertising campaigns yourself, you don't have to pay an advertising agency, advertising company or firm, because MGID offers both self-serve solution as well as a fully managed campaigns that leverage the experience of our skillful professionals.
Whether the fully managed service is paid?
We value our customers and offer only first class service, that's why our fully managed campaigns are free. Get started with the help of dedicated account manager and implement your personal advertising strategy to promote your website, effectively buy traffic, attract customers, increase sales and generate leads.
Can I buy mobile traffic with MGID?
Around 30% of MGID's traffic is traffic from mobile devices. Buying mobile traffic you will benefit from the same targeting and optimization settings, and there are options built specifically for mobile. Precise setting options make it possible to advertise on mobile at scale showing advertising on mobile devices that you have chosen in your mobile campaigns setup.
What kinds of macros are available to help me track my ad campaigns?
The following macros are allowed: {widget_id}, {teaser_id}, {campaign_id}, {geo}, {click_id}. You can set up any custom tracking tags or UTM to track the efficiency of your web promotion.
What kinds of tracking are supported?
MGID supports all types of tracking, including s2s postbacks and conversion pixels. You can track conversions by just placing simple tracking code on your pages or using postback URL and setting goals for your campaign in MGID dashboard.
What are the best converting offers/niches for MGID traffic?
The MGID - the largest native advertising network that allows to you place your ads on thousands of sites, that's why all offers/niches convert well for MGID traffic with the right promotion strategy. Contact your account manager and tell them more about the product that you want to promote online; if need be, they will squeeze water from a stone for you. We will help you start getting revenue in no time.
MGID in numbers
MGID Network statistics for 2016 according to comScore
850+ million Unique users monthly
165+ billion Content recommendations monthly
57% men
43% women
HH Income (US)
HH Income (US)
Region map corresponds to Index
North America
% Comp 15.8
Index 133
Middle East-Africa
% Comp 6.2
Index 58
Latin America
% Comp 19.7
Index 192
Asia Pacific
% Comp 27.2
Index 61
% Comp 31.2
Index 139
69% Smartphones
6% Tablets
25% Desktops

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